STEM Room at Immaculate Conception School Celebrated

Back in November of 2018 the Immaculate Conception School was lucky enough to receive a $100,000 Relimagine Grant for a new STEM Labs provided by the Catholic Schools Foundation (CSF) and its partnership with PwC (Pricewaters Coopers). The Immaculate Conception School was one of four selected.

Bryan McCarthy, IC Principal Stephen Hanley and Peter S. Lynch at Tuesday’s ceremony.

The STEM room and labs were set up by teacher Elizabeth Sheer and Academic Coordinator Donis Tracy.

Tuesday afternoon a large bus pulled up to the Immaculate Conception School Tuesday afternoon were members of the CSF Executive Council, and business professionals such as Peter S. Lynch of Fidelity Investments and Michael Sutphin of PwC.

Visitors also were given student lead tours and held a lunch program.

The visit highlights CSF’s long-standing partnership with PwC.

For the 2018-2019 school year CSF gave out 81 scholarships.

“These kids start early here,” said Lynch. “It’s a great academic school.”

“The school shines brite for our school in Revere and surrounding communities, “ said Principal  Stephen Hanley.

Visitor’s met with a student who was bullied before he enrolled in Immaculate Conception School Revere. He is also dealing with his mother’ terminal illness. Visitors also got to meet teachers like William Melchianno, a math teacher who impacts students daily. He is also a finalist for this year’s Catholic Schools Office Excellence in Education award.

There are 237 students at the Immaculate Conception School, coming from Revere, East Boston, Chelsea, Lynn, Winthrop, Saugus and other town. Fourty-four percent of students are Catholic, 44 percent of students are Hispanic and 56 percent of students are from diverse backgrounds.

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