Falzone Praises Rep. Vincent for Assistance on Flooding Issue

Toscano Avenue resident Rocco Falzone is praising Rep. Roselee Vincent for her efforts in assisting him with an ongoing problem with flooding at his property.

Falzone has appeared at City Council meetings detailing the flooding issue that involves a clogged drainage ditch. The problem is exacerbated during heavy rainstorms. There is often a lot of trash and debris on the Route 1 embankment on Asti Avenue.

Falzone said Vincent has been working on the issue for several months and her efforts have been very productive.

“I cannot thank Rep. Vincent and her aide, Ricky Serino, for all they have done to assist me,” said Falzone. “Because of Rep. Vincent’s efforts since I first contacted her, I feel we are very close to resolving this safety issue.”

Vincent has been on top of the issue from the outset. The state legislator convened an onsite visit with state and local agencies to examine the issue and come up with solutions.

“I felt that the meeting that occurred was productive and put Mr. Falzone in contact with point people at MassDOT and the Revere Department of Public Works,” said Vincent.

Vincent also requested that MassDOT look in to the feasibility of regular maintenance of the trash gates on Asti Avenue to ensure that during heavy rains, blockage does not become an issue and lead to flooding.

Vincent’s office also reached out to MassDOT, who responded with a cleanup of the Route 1 embankment located near Falzone’s property.

Vincent’s quick and thorough response did not surprise Falzone one bit.

“Whenever I’ve called Rep. Vincent and Ricky, they get back to me right away,” said Falzone, who spoke on a separate issue at Monday’s Council’s meeting. “We’re fortunate to have RoseLee representing the residents of Revere and fighting for our best interests.”

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