No Mold Found in City Hall Samples

The engineers and construction crews working on repairs to City Hall have announced that there was no mold found in samples taken from City Hall, including those from the second floor, which has drawn a lot of complaints because of the condition of the auditorium and council chambers.

“No mold,” stressed George Anzuoni, chairman of the Municipal Building Repair Committee. “I want to make that clear, no mold.”

The committee held its 60th regular meeting last Friday morning and shared that the samples from the second floor, including the council chambers, the auditorium and offices and other areas were negative for mold.

Chip Heitkamp, project manager with Dore & Whittier and John Abramo, clerk of the works at DelMont Construction Services, concurred.

“The tests all came back negative,” Heitkamp said.

This past week there has also been an analyst in to test the strength of the plaster on the ceiling and walls.

Crews are currently replacing the city hall roof after damage from the tornado in 2014.

While it was a short meeting, the group did agree on having copper down spouts on City Hall. Heitkamp said about 90 percent of the shingling was complete.

As part of the project they will also be relocating the HVAC system from the roof to a system on the ground. There has also been extensive masonry work done tying in the edge of the shingles with the roof.

The project is currently on track to be completed by April.

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