Revere School Committee Leaders Look Ahead to Busy New Year

The leadership team of the Revere School Committee is set for 2019, with Mayor Brian Arrigo serving as chair of the committee, Michael Ferrante serving as vice chair, and Gerry Visconti serving as secretary.

The other members of the seven-member board are Carol Tye, Stacey Rizzo, Susan Gravellese, and Frederick Sannella.

Under the Revere city charter, the mayor assumes the chairmanship of the School Committee. The committee holds an election each year to pick its other leaders.

The three officials talked about the School Committee’s year ahead.

“I’m looking forward to the leadership of School Committee members Michael Ferrante and Gerry Visconti,” said Arrigo. “There are a lot of exciting things happening in the school district, especially some of the conversation on the state level about funding, and I think we’re going to continue on the right path with these two gentlemen leading the way on the Committee.”

Ferrante is hoping that the next step for the school district is the construction of a new Revere High School.

“Hopefully, we’ll start on the [new school construction] process and keep it rolling,” said Ferrante. “Hopefully, we don’t run in to any roadblocks financially and everything stays as is, and we keep the good work going.”

Visconti thanked his colleagues for electing him as secretary.

“I look forward to working with everyone in trying to concentrate on the new school process and the work involved, and all the other work they needs to be done within the School Department,” said Visconti. “We’re moving forward.”

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