Mantia Sisters Dance Academy Announces Julia Bosco as New Dance and Gymnastics Teacher

Julia has been dancing for 20 years. She started her dance journey at the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio at the age of two. Julia continued her dance career there and at the age of 13 became an assistant teacher and by the time she was 16, Julia was recognized as a head teacher.

In 2013 Julia graduated from Dance Education Club of Boston. In 2017 Julia worked directly with Agnes Strecker as a co-director of the dance studio.

In addiction to dance, Julia has been an avid gymnast since the age of two. Gymnastics became a large part of her life and at the age of 7 she was asked to perform competitively with the USAG. Her love for gymnastics continued and in 2012 she was asked a coach for the USAG.

Once high school ended, Julia decided to focus primarily on her college studies and she chose to continue teaching dance and gymnastics fulltime.

The Agnes Strecker Dance Studio will always have a dear place in her heart and with this chapter of her life closing, Julia is excited for a new chapter to begin and the opportunity to work as a dance and gymnastics teacher with Jodi, Deanne and Toni-ann of Mantia Sisters Dance Academy.

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