Well-Deserved Recognition

The presentation to the city of the Distinguished Budget Award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) is quite an honor of which Mayor Brian Arrigo and his financial team should be justly proud.

In addition, we would be remiss if we did not mention that the members of the City Council, in cooperation with the mayor’s office, have been part and parcel of the improvement in the city’s economic picture.

The award speaks for itself regarding the city’s financial strength, which comes on the heels of the recent upgrade of the city’s bond rating and the certification by the state of $11.2 million in free cash.

The City of Revere is poised for what can be described, without exaggeration, as a renaissance in the years ahead. With Suffolk Downs finally on a path to development, Revere is ready to become transformed into a community that will realize the potential that has been much talked-about, but never fully-realized, for almost 50 years.

A municipality’s budgetary situation is akin to the foundation of a house — unless it is solid, no matter how pretty the structure may be, the house surely will collapse in the next storm.

But with a solid financial footing, our city can work for ALL of our citizens and neighborhoods, in terms of our schools, public safety, and addressing long-delayed projects.

This honor is one that encourages our citizenry to have faith in its government leaders. We’d like to acknowledge a “Job well done,” by Mayor Arrigo and our other city leaders, and to thank them for ┬ádoing the best they can to make Revere a model city as we approach the middle of the 21st century.

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