Police Briefs 04-11-2018

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A Ward Street man has been summonsed for a wild situation near Copeland Circle on April 3 involving an airport shuttle.

Around 7:30 p.m., the shuttle driver observed a car driving erratically near Copeland Circle. Suddenly, the car hit the curb, went into the guardrail and started spinning. As it spun around, it hit the bus in the front end.

The driver immediately stopped the bus and got out to check on the other driver.

Witnesses said the other driver appeared intoxicated, and the bus driver proceeded to take a picture of the man’s registration. As he did that, the man allegedly assaulted him, got back in the car and tore out the wrong way on Copeland Circle.

Police arrived and, using the registration photo, tried to locate the man at his home, but he wasn’t there.

The next morning, Showcase Cinemas reported that the damaged vehicle was in their lot. Revere Police put the two incidents together and were able to talk to the man – who then requested an attorney.

John Macharia, 36, of 145 Ward St., was charged with operating a motor vehicle negligently, leaving the scene of property damage, and assault and battery.



A mother from Lynn reported to Revere Police this week that she had observed a SnapChat video that portrayed a Revere man hitting her son in the face at Ambrose Park.

The attack occurred last July when her son was in Revere, but she only recently located the video.

The youth in the video shown punching the Lynn youth is from Revere and has been identified.

A hearing has been set up in Chelsea District Court.



A man has been cited for apparently falling asleep on Sweeney Avenue with his car in gear while waiting for his girlfriend, police said.

On April 4, police got a call around 8:50 p.m. for a suspicious vehicle on Sweeney Avenue.

Officers investigated and found a man in the car that appeared to be sleeping. At the same time, the brake lights were on and the car was in gear.

Officers woke the man and found out he had fallen asleep while waiting for his girlfriend to come out of a house. He didn’t appear intoxicated or under the influence.

Police cited him for a braking violation and being negligent.



Former Police Chief, and current Executive Officer, Terrence Reardon will reported retire this month, with his last day being April 18.

Reardon served as a school resource officer before becoming the chief many years ago under Mayor Tom Ambrosino. He served as a lieutenant for several years after being chief, and was promoted to XO when Chief James Guido came in.

Reardon brought in the concept of building partnerships within the community, and worked very proactively with RevereCARES and other organizations.



William T. Reardon, 35, of Lynn, was arrested on a charge of larceny of property valued at more than $250.

Lauralyn N. Eastman, 25, of Salem,  was arrested on charges of larceny of property valued at more than $250 and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.



A 56-year-old male was arrested on charges of assault and battery in a domestic situation and intimidation of a witness.



John W. Herrera, 41, of East Boston, was arrested on charges of assault and battery and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

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