Bright Blue

Students at the Hill School celebrating Autism Awareness Month. Pictured from left to right, in the back row are Deren Renderos,Diana Florian Nolasco , Lorena Martinez, Anabelle Ewing, Oscar Aracena, Carmen Torres, Josy Ibanez, Tyrone Hong Mom, Emiliano Rodriguez, Mateo Henao, Jeriel Soto Vega and Isaac Batista. In the middle row, L-R, are Jazmelyn Mendez Ramos, Arya Salih, Bsmela Ahmed, Minerva Long, Malory Ochoa, Isabella Macias Arbelaez, Noah Adamson and Francesca Ciciulla. From left to right in the front are Lorena Sorto Arevalo, Samuel Herrera Acevedo, Maxwell Clark De La Sancha, Nkosi St. Fleur, Collin Sem, Ehab Mokhtar,Isaak Chavez, Kenneth Reyes Herrera and Luana Rego.

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