Tye,Ferrante,Rizzo,Gravellese,Sannella Re-Elected; Visconti Takes Open School Committee Seat

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Once again former School Superintendent Carol Tye topped the ticket in the School Committee race on Tuesday. Tye pulled in 3,613 votes in the election to fill one of the six elected seats on the committee.

Incumbent Michael Ferrante gained second place with 3,166 votes, followed by incumbent Stacey Rizzo with 2,954 votes.

Incumbent Susan Gravellese brought in 2,941 votes while Fred Sannella came in fifth with 2,638 votes.

Challenger Gerry Visconti came in sixth with 2,585 votes taking the open seat on the committee. Former city councillor Stephen Reardon grabbed 2, 381 votes. Al Terminello  took 2,205 votes and Glenn LaCerda earned 892 votes.

One issue the School Committee will be addressing during the next term is the building of a new high school and middle school.

Ferrante, who is following a family tradition in serving on the School Committee, appeared on cable television to make comments.

“I enjoy what I’m doing,” he said.

He noted the challenge the city and the school department are going to have in building the school. At the end of the year the committee will find out what funding is available from the state. He noted that a large part of the financing decision lies with the Mayor’s office and the City Council.

Ferrante estimated that a new school could cost between $300-$350 million to build, but they really do not have a solid figure.

”It’s going to be a challenge,” he said. “Obtaining land is also going to be an issue. I’m astonished at what it’ll cost.”

He noted that class size is also a big issue and plays a role in the building of a school.

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