Question and Answer Forum for Candidates for City Council Ward 5

The Revere Journal has asked each candidate for Ward 5 the following question: As most of Ward 5 District maybe greatly impacted by flooding, what can the city council do about this issue in the next two years? The following are their responses:

Investment in our infrastructure and pumping stations

By Eric Lampedecchio

Thank you to the Revere Journal for reaching out to me for my thoughts on this issue. Flooding is a major challenge throughout Ward 5. It has affected me personally as there are times when I cannot visit relatives in the Riverside due to the Pines River overflowing onto Mills Avenue and flooding the area. The water table is expected to continue to rise, and our city needs to dedicate resources towards engineering and flood planning, as well as storm-water management, to tackle this problem proactively.

The City Council must advocate for investment in our infrastructure and pumping stations to protect our residents’ properties from flooding damages. In some cases, flooding issues can be prevented. For example, the residents in the Sagamore Street area dealt with flooding for years until Mr. Maglione from our DPW came to the City Council and shared that there was a $600 solution; this solution was implemented and the problem has since been remedied. This amount pales in comparison to the damages that the residents in that area have suffered due to years of flooding. This situation demonstrates the importance of making sure that the experts that know and understand our infrastructure have input towards the solutions we implement. As a city councilor, I would make sure those folks had a seat at the table.

Earlier this year a resident that lives on Lancaster Avenue had reported a growing sinkhole to their ward councilor. After the heavy rains we experienced a few weeks ago, there was a backup at the Point of Pines pumping station which lead to the flooding of Lancaster Avenue. The weight of the water from the flooding caused the sinkhole to expand, which lead to the collapse of part of the street. Our City Council needs to advocate for flood preventing infrastructure to prevent issues like this from happening. With stronger storms and heavier rainfalls like those seen in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico, we must ensure that our city is prepared for such an event.

Work completed and pending to abate flooding in Ward 5

By Councillor John Powers

Work completed to date to abate flooding in Ward 5:

Installation of twin 36” drain pipes between Sagamore Street. and North Shore Road.

Installation of seven tide gates along Pines River and six-foot diameter culvert under North Shore Road at Eastern County ditch.

Installation of an additional six-foot culvert with self-regulating tidegate and repair of existing culvert and tidegate at the Eastern County ditch at the B&M tracks.

Installation of new pump station and manhole at Jackson St./Bay Road.

Replaced section of Eastern County culvert at Shawmut St.

Reconstruction of Revere Beach Boulevard drainage system from Revere Street to Carey Circle.

Point of Pines drain pump station upgrade including electrical system, generators and alarm system.

Installation of 1,600 LF of twin 15-inch drain pipe on Ellerton St. and Arcadia St.

Installation of electric sluice gat at Oak Island Marsh.

Restoration of six acres of salt marsh at Oak Island Marsh for increased storm water retention.

Reconstruction of Point of Pines sanitary sewer pump station and new pumps.

Cleaned and repaired outfalls and catch basins along Mills Avenue in the Riverside.

Work in progress to abate flooding in Ward 5:

Dredging of Eastern County Ditch from Wonderland parking lot to North Shore Road. This flood protection project will increase the capacity of the Eastern County ditch and allow faster drainage of storm water from Sagamore Street, Shawmut Street, Dunn Road, Calumet Street, Neponset Street, Agawam Street, Beachland Avenue, Sachem Street, Bay Road, Loring Road, Sears Street, Leonard Road, Lawrence Road, Ellerton Street, Arcadia Street, York Street and Argyle Street.

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