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Dear Editor:

Great people of Revere on Nov. 7, please open the gates to our great City Hall of Revere. Please vote for the candidates of your choice for the Councillor at-Large most deserving of this coveted and honored seat. As a veteran of the distinguished U.S. Navy, my choice for Councillor at-Large is a fellow Navy veteran, and former Revere city official, Mr. Dan Rizzo, serving our great city as former Mayor with pride and dignity. Dan, get back on board the U.S.S. Revere, join your fellow council crewmembers, and keep Revere moving forward for all the great people of this city!

To all elected officials, please continue to respect each other, work collegially and collaboratively with Mayor Arrigo, and continue to move the great city of Revere forward!

Vincent F. Cammarata



Dear Editor:

Its seems as if no matter where you go or what you do we are constantly hit in the face with the smell of marijuana.  I typically start each Sunday morning at the Hill Stadium getting ready for youth football games and have the odor wafing in my face and the many families down there who just want to watch their children play a game.

When walking Broadway or going to local shopping plazas again this smell consumes you.  Its not just me as my friends, neighbors and even my children have to deal with this as “normal” in this day and age.  Is this all of a sudden just ok?  Should I not be alarmed as a Parent of two children and coach of hundreds of more?

I was afraid this was going to happen when Massachusetts voted in favor of Medicinal Marijuana in 2013 and was even more concerned when again the state ballot to allow the sales and use of Recreational Marijuana in 2016.  I was never in favor and one of the most outspoken residents against this.  I wonder know if we knew what was going to be the reality of today would the votes still end up the same?  All I can say is I will not stop fighting against this and the hopes is to one day again ban the overall industry in our State but most importantly in Revere.

Its time more of us start standing up for their beliefs rather than taking the proverbial knee and going with the motions.

Councillor Patrick Keefe



Dear Editor:

It may be autumn, but warm temperatures still pose a deadly threat to our animal companions.

A dog named Nigil recently suffered a horrific death after his guardians reportedly left him in their parked vehicle while they enjoyed Salem’s Halloween festivities. When they returned nearly five hours later, Nigil’s lifeless body was lying in a pool of vomit. Police estimate that temperatures inside the vehicle may have reached 122 degrees.

It only takes minutes for warm temperatures to turn deadly. On a 75-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to 104 degrees in 20 minutes, and on a 90-degree day, it can reach 119 degrees in the same amount of time. Parking in the shade, leaving the windows partially open, and/or leaving water in the vehicle will not keep vehicles cool enough to be safe.

It’s never safe to leave animals unattended in parked vehicles. Please, don’t risk it: Leave animals at home. If you see any living being trapped in a hot car, have the owner paged in nearby businesses and/or notify authorities immediately. The victim’s life depends on it.


Lindsay Pollard-Post

The PETA Foundation



Dear Editor:

A big thank you to the Stop & Shop at Suffolk Down, Furlong Drive in Revere. The manager of the Florist Department, Elaine, came to our rescue on Friday the 19th. Elaine was able to pull together several arrangement and corsages (for several past graduates), at the last minute for Saturday, Oct. 14.

Girl’s High School, formerly in Boston (the school closed in 1974), sponsors an Annual Reunion Luncheon at Lombardo’s in Randolph. We present scholarships to students who wish to continue their education. Our oldest graduation this year, Helen Bruno Hastings, (from Auburndale-Class of 1933), was 101 years old this year.

Thank you again Stop & Shop for having an employee like Elaine.

Helen Pirrello Sigouin

Reunion Secretary




Dear Editor:

You go to a parade and what do you see … crowds and crowds of people lining the streets. Everyone is looking at the passing parade.

When you think about things, we area all in the parade of life. Everyone cannot be at the head of the parade, but what can be done is to seek the spot to do your part marching along everyday.

How every precious is the gift of time. Can you hear someone asking, “What time is it?” Remember it is always good to seek the “right” time along life’s way.

Many times have I walked the old streets of Boston and viewing the historic cemeteries. What a spiritual experience to sense the time and lives of the patriots who have fought and shed their blood to give the heirs of the future a hard fought battle won, establishing the foundation of freedom, liberty and democracy for all of us. Think about what they saw then and what we all see now.

What time is it?

Where is the silver lining?

Judith S. Robicheau Senator

Massachusetts Silver Legislature

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