Recognizing the Revere Beautification Committee

Mickey “Say No To Drugs” Casoli sees the great job that the members of the Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) do in the community on a volunteer basis year after year. On the 15th anniversary of the RBC, Casoli wanted to give RBC members special recognition. Casoli and few of his friends gathered in Beachmont at Torretta’s Bakery to publicly thank members for their years of beautifying Revere. Shown in the photo are RBC members Ward i Councillor Joanne McKenna, Kathleen Heiser, Nancy Dowd, Corinne Deveau, Lenny Piazza, Carol Tye, Joe Parzel and Ralph Torretta. On hand to thank the RBC members were Casoli, retired Dectective Billy Holt, retired Revere Police Lt. Carl Borgioli, Winthrop Police Deputy Chief John Goodwin, Winthrop Police Chief Terrence Delehanty and Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo. Missing from photo is RBC member Carol Haney.
“Trash brings problems and these people tackle that problem and make Revere a better place to live. I am happy to continue to sponsor a barrel in the fight to keep our streets clean,” Casoli said.

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