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Dear Editor:

High School children sleeping in class

It can be a daily struggle for parents to get their teenagers up in the morning for school. Many of these high school children have to get up before they are fully rested, and as a result they are tired, grumpy, sluggish and do not want anyone talking to them. As a parent it bothered me, and I wondered if my daughter would make it through the school day.

I decided to do some research and the results told me that it wasn’t entirely her fault to be tired. Teenagers are experiencing hormonal changes during these years and one in particular is the circadian rhythms which regulate our sleep patterns. For these teens theirs are altered by approximately two hours as compared to younger children and adults.

Going to school feeling tired can lead to many problems such as depression, moodiness, lack of empathy and the lack of interest in schoolwork. I think because these children are tired, they don’t learn as much as they could if rested, and fall behind in class work which can lead to low self esteem and drop outs. As concerned parents we should think of our children and what’s best for them and their future. I feel that as a community we should consider delaying the start of school for these children by at least half-hour, or start the younger children earlier and the high schoolers later.

Some people may disagree but we all need to realize that the four short years of high school is crucial, as it set the foundation of these young adults future. After all it is our job as parents to give our children the best possible start in t heir life so after high school they can be well on their way to a great college or university of their choice.

Maria Paddock


Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Marc Silvestri! You did a GREAT job organizing and conducting the services on Memorial Day.

The event was solemn remembrance of and a joyful celebration of the lives of the Revere servicemen who sacrificed themselves so that we could live in peace and prosperity.

It was wonderful that we as a community could use this occasion to become a closer family. And there was not a dry eye in the congregation as Paul Monti described his son Jared’s sacrifice; they are both

now a part of our Revere family of mourners.

I still remember some of those World War II men that I knew as a child, and sadly I remember those Revere High School graduates who displayed that same heroism on the more modern battlefields.

May they rest in peace.

And thank you for your own valiant service.

Carol Tye



Dear Editor,

The power of simple words makes our day, but it can also put us down. I would like to take a moment to appreciate the people that work in Revere Public Schools starting from the principals to the janitors. Thank you for all of your hard work even when the budget has been lowered; we still have good results form the schools of Revere. As a proud PLTI parent – THANK YOU.


I also would like to thank the Revere Journal for keeping us informed of the news; I hope for the Journal to continue informing us. THANK YOU to all the workers keep up the great job.

Elena Vazquez-Chinos

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