June Could be the Month for Wonderland

Another month has almost gone by and the deplorable state of the site of the former Wonderland Dog Track on North Shore Road just continues. Councillor John Powers has often pointed out that this derelict site is one of the main gateways into the city.

Mayor Brian Arrigo is pressuring the owners to correct the situation by tearing down these blighted structures and that could happen in June. Arrigo’s approach to the owners of this site has always been reasonable.

On the City Council, Councillors John Powers and Robert Haas are leading the charge looking for ways to make the owners more accountable both for the buildings that must be torn down and seeking ways to obtain more revenues from the thousands of parked cars that are parked in the lot. As a matter of fact, both Powers and Haas put an order in more than a year ago to tear down these buildings.

The permit to park cars on the site expired almost two years ago and yet there are cars being parked there today without a current city permit.

The future development of this site is an exciting part for  Revere as Mayor Arrigo has pointed out.

However, the present condition of the site is not acceptable.

We urge our elected officials to continue to put pressure on the owners to be responsible members of the Revere community.

Let’s hope June is the month for a huge (as Sen. Bernie Sanders would say) change.

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