4 Revere Police Apply for Chief’s Position

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Four Revere police officers have applied for the position of Revere Chief of Police and were put through a simulation test, which is run by police chiefs from other communities, on Tuesday to see how they would re-act in various situations that a Police Chief faces on a regular basis.

Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan who administered the tests updated the City Council on Monday night. He is the person heading up the testing center. He has done over 100 simulations in his 15 years of doing this testing.

“It’s a daylong activity of simulation,” Ryan said.

Recently, he conducted the test in Winthrop for a deputy police position. Winthrop ended up hiring Det. John Goodwin, formerly of the Revere Police Department. The cost of the test for the four officers was about $7,000.  The results from the simulation are intended to provide the mayor with a list of candidates to choose from. “I thought we had a great chief in Chief Cafarelli,” Ward 6 Councillor Charles Patch and a former Revere police officer, said. “I hope you’re going to pick the right guy because the mayor is going to live and die with his pick.”

Patch asked about the SWAT vehicles that the department now has and questioned what direction the department is going in.

“Those vehicles are for the protection of the officer,” Patch said. “It’s worth keeping our SWAT team active.”

Ryan said the department is moving toward more of a community policing type force. He added that it is more of a 21st century policing style.

Ryan explained that there had been five candidates initially and one withdrew after a written part of the exam. He added that salary is negotiable with an average chief salary around $200,000.

Chief Joseph Cafarelli is contracted by the city until June 30 and the mayor has opted not to renew his contract.

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