Letter to the Editor

There are many generous people

Dear Editor,

We often hear about so many sad and negative stories in the news that I just wanted to share this thank you to Natalie from Cal Zone with your readers to remind us all of the outstanding and generous people we live among.

My son and husband, along with a group of volunteers from Revere and Melrose, are traveling to the Dominican Republic on July 13 for a two week mission trip of service with St. Anthony’s Church and Project PX.

As many Journal readers already know, we have had multiple fund-raising events over the last few months in an effort to collect enough money to help build a house  for a deserving family in Lajas.

We held a Zumba night at St. Anthony’s Church on Wednesday, June 15 and Natalie from Cal Zone donated her time as our instructor.

I must tell you how grateful we are to Natalie for her willingness to help. She somehow found time to take out of her busy schedule of running her own studio and teaching classes to help us out.  Her high energy and rhythm were infectious and she had the entire group smiling and working up a sweat all while having a great time.  I know she made me a Zum-believer and I am hooked.

Thanks again to Natalie, we are so grateful to you for your warm smile, generous spirit and positive high energy.  You make this world a better place one beat at a time.

Lenore DelVecchio and the entire Project PX team.


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