Wonderland Dog Track Buildings to be Torn Down

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Conservation Commission held a public hearing and has issued an order of conditions to the owners of the former Wonderland Dog Park to allow the demolition process to begin at the site.

Last Wednesday night attorney Stephen Reardon, who represents CBW Lending and Sterling Suffolk Racecourse, appeared before the commission.

Reardon said the dog racing track facility has been vacant since state legislation on Aug. 19, 2010 resulted in a statewide ban on dog racing.

Reardon said most are eager to see the facility taken down since it is unsightly, empty with no apparent use, and the development of the parcel is expected to go forward. Taking the facility down requires the approval of several city departments including, building, engineering, health, public works and fire.

The application states that the owners would like to demolish the grandstands, clubhouse, scoreboard and outbuildings, roughly 149,990 square feet. Work is expected to include the abatement of asbestos containing materials, utility disconnects, demolition and stabilization of disturbed areas. Asbestos will be removed before demolition. Existing oil storage tanks remain in the boiler building, which has already been drained, cut open and cleaned. Existing sewer and drain lines will not be disturbed. The buildings will be demolished to the ground level and ground floor slabs and foundations will remain.

Reardon explained that requests for bids for demolition have gone out. It is hoped that demolition will begin at the end of June. It is expected to take 10-14 days for the facility to be taken down and materials removed. He said no one knows what will happen with the property but the owners are committed to the best use. About two weeks before the demolition, crews will bait the area for rodents.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg. When it comes time to develop the property it’ll be a different issue,” Reardon said. “Everything with the racetrack facility will be coming down.”

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers said he supports the demolition 100 percent.

“If ever there was a building in the city of Revere to be demolished it’s that one,” Powers said. “It’s a diamond in the rough with 38 acres with the Blue Line across the street. The quicker we can get this going the better.”

The old sign at the Wonderland Dog Track will soon be coming down.

The old sign at the Wonderland Dog Track will soon be coming down.

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