Good News for Homeowners and Families

Revere was highlighted in a recent Boston Globe article for being a community that the Globe ranked among the top real estate markets in the Greater Boston area, along with other communities such as Concord, Newton, and  Cambridge.

The road to get to the point where Revere is being hailed as a great place to live and buy a home has not been an easy one, but it has been steady.

The rise in home prices of single family and condos have jumped by almost 38% and 33% respectively.

For families with young children, the excellence of the Revere public schools is a main draw.  Under the leadership of Superintendents Carol Tye, Paul Dakin, and now Dianne Kelly, our schoolchildren continue to receive an outstanding public school education in a safe environment.  This fact cannot be underestimated.

The parks and public spaces — and of course, Revere Beach — are also a draw for newcomers who wish to enjoy a livable city environment. The new Harry Della Russo Stadium complex is perhaps the finest of its kind of any surrounding community.

For young professionals, there also is the ease of a commute into Boston or to points north.

Revere officials are to be congratulated for earning this distinction in the real estate world and we look forward to a great future for the City of Revere.

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