Club Told To Hire Detail Officer

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The License Commission wants Taqueria Eucalipto II Corp., doing business as the Las Vegas Restaurant at 107 Shirley Ave. to get control of its patrons and the amount of alcohol being served there. In addition, the club is to have a paid police officer detail in place.

Last Wednesday the commission heard from Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky and Revere Police Sgt. Patricia Carey regarding ongoing problems at the popular club. Carey said in the past year there have been 12 disturbances, six  unwanted guests, and four assaults.

Carey explained that some of the problems come when people are being “shut off.” Other problems come when the club lets out at 2 a.m. and people hang out or are waiting for rides. She said the club does call the police when there is a problem.

“Everything can be improved on,” Carey said. “Much of it can be classified as overcrowded and overserved.”

The club has an occupancy limit of 40. Carey said it is difficult to see inside the club. Complaints about the club have come from residents, including the elderly apartment building. Patrons have been observed intoxicated and helping each other walk home.

“I’ve had complaints from neighbors at closing time (2 a.m.) about people hanging around, urinating on the sidewalk and arguing,” Novoselsky said. “I can’t keep taking these 2 a.m. phone calls.”

Novoselsky noted that the police chief has sent directed patrols.

“I’ve had reports of them serving people with their head on the bar,” Novoselsky said. “Originally I thought this was to be a little restaurant not a night club.”

Commissioner Linda Guinasso said it was unclear how the establishment ended up with a 2 a.m. closing.

“There are just too many incidents over a short period of time,” said Commissioner John LaCroix. The club is highly active on Sunday nights. “I don’t want to put a handicap on the establishment but there are major issues there.”

Attorney Cory Rhoades, representing the Las Vegas Restaurant, said they would like a police detail there in addition to the security firm they already have.

“Popularity has been to their detriment,” Rhoades said.

The commission asked the manager, Raul Santos, to roll back its timetable for closing time. The new policies now include a shutting off the disc jockey at 1 a.m.; a police detail from 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.; no one may be let in after 1 a.m.; the last call is at 1:15 a.m. and lights are on at 1:30 a.m.

If there are any violations the Licensing Commission will call an emergency meeting to address the issues again.

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