Moving Revere in A Positive Direction

By Mayor Dan Rizzo

Revere is moving forward in a positive direction and I see no room for negativity in this race.

 Detractors may call me names, they may lie to advance their political agendas, or try to convince you that your city is not great. We can’t let naysayers tarnish our accomplishments or stall our momentum.

 In the last three years, we have built a new elementary school, a new state of the art football stadium with regulation track, two tennis courts, two basketball courts, and refurbished four playgrounds.  We’ve also secured $120 million in State and private investments for the revitalization of Broadway and Revere Beach.

 We have democratized and modernized city services through See Click Fix, our Safe Housing Task Force, Plan Revere, the newly created Road Repair Task Force and now, Participatory Budgeting – all new programs enacted under my administration. We also made city government more inclusive with the creation of the Office of New Revere Residents and the Neighborhood Advisory Committee.

 We have come together as a community through the Revere Shines city-wide clean up, the Columbus Day Parade and Breakfast, and the Revere Tornado Relief Fund.

 It’s time for our city to rise above the negativity that had plagued its politics for far too long. It’s time for all of us as a community to come together and reject the politics of the past, celebrate all that we have accomplished over these past three years, and look to Revere’s bright future.

 I make this pledge to you as your Mayor.  Rather than tear down, I will build up. Rather than only seeing problems, I will focus on solutions. Rather than pointing out only the negatives, I will work towards a positive vision for the future of Revere.

 I hope that you will join me.

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