Letters to the Editor

Scholarship Committee thanks donors

Dear Editor:

The City of Revere Community Scholarship Committee thanks generous donors who made contributions from Jan. 1, 2014 through Dec. 31, 2014.

PLATINUM  ($500.)

  1. A. Casoli

RHS Class of 1961

DIAMOND ($400.)

Ms. Evelyn P. Morris

Anonymous (1)

GOLD ($200. plus)

Ms. Carol A. Tye

Dr. Catherine Wu


 ($100. plus)

Jobsom Almeida

Robert Bonsignore

Dr. Gennaro Cataldo

Wai Hang Lee Cheng

Vincent Conte

Dr. Paul & Mary Ellen Dakin

Regina M. Daley

Daniel Doherty

in memory of John G. Garvin

N & M Giacobbe

Hair’s What’s Happening

Scott  & Sharon Kurtzer

Joseph Machera

Councilor John F. Powers

Richard R. Powers

Catherine A. Romano

Shirley Ave Variety

Tedeschi Food Shops

Rosemarie Tomasino

Anonymous (2)

SPONSORS ($50. plus)

Beauty on the Beach

Claremont Insurance Agency

Roy Colannino

Sylvia Corin

D-Tax Professionals

David R. Fabri

Councilor Jessica Giannino

Carol Haney

Joseph Kimemiah

Toby Pearlstein

Angel & Marta Rosa

Robert Scigliano

Bernardo Sepulueda

Eileene Sherriff

To Excel Center Math Tutoring

Anonymous (5)

PATRONS ($25. plus)

Big Blue Realty

Robert J. Campbell, Jr.

John P. Christopher

Lea Ciaramella

Yvonne M. Dello Russo

Lona Frongillo

Luz Garcia

Ann Marie Giovino

Lucia Hunter

Linda & David Jansen

Karen Kandilis

Mikhail Kogan

Charles E. Muise

Olympia Market

Fern Price

Steven Tigar

Anonymous (2)


Blanca Bedoya

Norman Berkowitz

Michael & Christine Carey

Mary Doherty

Donna Ferrante

Anonymous (5)

FRIENDS ($10. plus)

Bellissima’s Hair Design

Cataldo Family

Sa’ Laniraoo

Susan Merullo

Charlie Ngeyen

Deborah Peretti

John R. Porrazzo

Mary Anne Porrazzo

Emilia Von Herrell

Anonymous (3)

DONORS ($5. plus)

Daniel T. Ferrante

Haskell Hanock

Joanne Nardone

Anonymous (1)

NEIGHBORS ($1. plus)

Anonymouse (4)

Thanks Board members for years of service

Dear Editor:

Recently, two long time members of the Revere Retirement Board decided not to run for re-election. I would like to thank Steve Parsons and Mike Conley for their hard work, service, and dedication. Both held the elected position with honor and respect and will be sorely missed.

With that said, I thought that I would take the opportunity to try to fill their shoes and on April 2, Sean Manion and myself succeeded in our campaigns for the vacated seats. I would like to thank all the retired and active members of the Revere Retirement System for their vote and support and I look forward to serving everyone and protecting your rights and benefits.  Special thanks go out to the members and leaders of the Revere Fire Fighters’ Association Local 926 and my close friends that helped me get elected, Karen Oldoni and family, Lt. Kevin O’Hara, Lt. Amy O’Hara, Dep. Glen Rich, and retiree Paul Clarke.

 Jim Caramello 

Thanks to all who helped the Cupid Splash

Dear Editor:

The Revere Beach Partnership is most grateful to all of the plungers and spectators who came to Revere Beach on March 21st to support us at our fund raising event, the Cupid Splash.  This fundraiser benefits the non-profit “Save the Harbor/Save the Bay”.  The money raised from this activity will be used by the Revere Beach Partnership to fund events on Revere Beach.

Special thanks goes to the following:

Kelly’s for providing clam chowder during the event.  On such a cold and snowy day, it certainly was the perfect end to a cold dip. Kelly’s is one of the most generous businesses in Revere and is always supportive of the many activities that take place in and for Revere.  Kudos to John Barry, Kelly’s manager, and his workers who joined us in the very cold water!

Revere Fire Department for providing the measure of safety necessary in an event such as this.  The Revere Fire Department and its Chief Gene Doherty are the consummate professionals and the city is extremely proud of them.

DCR, our partner at Revere Beach, for always making sure that the beach is ready for any event that we may sponsor.  The preparation for this year’s Plunge was quite extensive due to the brutal winter that we all experienced. A special thanks to Brian Kelly, the manager of Revere Beach, for his extraordinary efforts on our behalf.

Revere TV for taping the event.  This added coverage will hopefully provide an incentive for more participation in this event next year.  Revere TV, under the auspices of Bob Dunbar, is always willing to provide coverage for local events and that is most appreciated.

The Army JROTC students from Revere High School for providing the gauntlet through which the plungers ran for the plunge and for participating in the Plunge.  The Commander of this group, Major Bowker, is to be commended for shaping this group of students into a cohesive, disciplined unit that contributes so much to the city of Revere and provides a fine example of the student population at Revere High School.  The entire city is proud of this group.

Carol Haney

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