Revere Tornado Relief Fund

When the tornado struck Revere July 28, it left a devastating impact on many residents and business owners.

Mayor Dan Rizzo reacted immediately to the unprecedented emergency situation, bringing together the leaders of the police and fire departments, department heads, and city officials to calm the fears of residents and deal directly and decisively with the aftermath of this unforeseen meteorological event.

The mayor’s coordinative and administrative efforts in the hours after the tornado and his accessibility to the media – who descended on the city in droves for an afternoon press conference on the City Hall lawn – drew widespread praise from city officials and the many residents who watched the unfolding events in Revere on television.

But the mayor’s focus on helping the victims of the tornado did not end on July 28. Mayor Rizzo launched a major fundraising effort to help provide financial assistance to those affected by the storm. More than 700 residents and business contributed to the fund.

Last week the Revere Tornado Relief Fund distributed more than $250,000 to 150 applicants. Former Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone oversaw the fund distribution process.

We commend Mayor Rizzo and former District Attorney Leone for their role in helping our residents and businesses.

We agree with Mayor Rizzo that Revere came together as a community after the tornado but it was his leadership that set the process of recovery in motion and helped accomplish the fund’s main objective of providing financial assistance to tornado victims.

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