Letters to the Editor

Guardian Angels

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, July 29, a group of people came by my home while I was sitting on the front porch and asked if they could help clean up the front of my house, I told them to be my guest. They were from Houston, Texas, Bay Area – First Baptist Church and prayed for me and all the people affected by the tornado. Their names were Kyle Sapaugh, Matthew Wollam, Hailey Haynes, Taylor Davis, Jordan Rogers and Tyler Reichel.

Thank God for such caring people. I am very grateful for the “Red Cross”, who went above and beyond in supplying everyone with food and caring presence for all.

Geraldine Capano


Thank you to Vanessa Ardagna Family,

Dear Editor:

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Ardagna Family for the generous scholarship ward given me.

The college application process during “Senior Year” is very stressful, filled with concern, anticipation and above all else the worry of actually paying for college.

Your award helps me in so many ways. I enjoyed the four years I played at Hill Park for Mike Polsinetti on the Eagles, the same field as Vanessa played on.

I will work hard during my four college years at UMass Amherst always being appreciative of the Ardagna family’s generosity and the remembrance of Vanessa.

Logan DiCarlo

Revere High School

Class of 2014


Thank you

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this time to express my gratitude to the group of kids from Texas (True Vine Church) that volunteered to help clean my yard after the tornado this week. I really appreciated how helpful the group was and the difference they made on my day.

They truly are an inspiration.

Daniel Lampros

35 School St.

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