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Jessica Loeser competes on hip-hop team

Dancing has always been an integral part of Jessica Loeser’s life. The graceful and nimble former Revere High cross-country and track star now competes on the hip-hop based Dance Fusion team at Quinnipiac University. The Fusion is the perfect team for Jessica because of her fervor for dancing.

“Nothing bonds people together more than passion,” Jessica expressed. “It’s a blessing to be able to spend time and work with other girls who share the same passion as I do.”

Jessica, a soon-to-be-junior at Quinnipiac University, did not try out for the Dance Fusion until the second semester of her freshman year. As a dynamic and exuberant dancer, Jessica made the transition to the Fusion a smooth changeover. Jessica demonstrated her talents to the team and quickly became close friends with her new teammates.

Joining the Dance Fusion became the “best decision” in Jessica’s freshman year.

“Being able to do what I love several times a week, makes all of the school work feel that much easier,” Jessica depicted.

In her sophomore year, Jessica relished being a returning member of the Dance Fusion.

“I was able to guide new members along as others had done for me, and step up to choreograph pieces for the rest of my team to learn.”

‘Midnight Madness’ is a renowned event that the Dance Fusion participates in every year in October for parents’ weekend at the university. Jessica experienced ‘Midnight Madness’ for the first time last year and savored in the opportunity to exhibit her abilities as a lively and scintillating performer.

“This performance [Midnight Madness] is our largest for the year and it was such an amazing experience,” Jessica articulated. “Since I was a kid, performing has always been one of my favorite things, so I felt very in my element.  It was nice to have a chance to show my parents and peers at school how hard my team and I work.  I am already looking forward to this year’s performance.”

As a member of the Dance Fusion, Jessica gets the chance to display her skills as a dancer at the men’s and women’s basketball games at the TD Bank Sports Center, the home court of the Quinnipiac Bobcats.

As a diverse and spirited group, the Dance Fusion welcome the prospect of performing in various types of routines. Last April, the Dance Fusion implemented their first ever showcase event.

“This showcase was basically a recital, with around twenty-five short dances, each choreographed by someone on the team,” Jessica explained. “I was given the chance to choreograph a dance for this special occasion.”

The Dance Fusion may be referred to as a hip-hop dance team, but the girls on the Fusion are well-rounded dancers, according to Jessica.

“The showcase was our chance to show some of other dance talents off,” Jessica depicted.

Jessica is ecstatic for the upcoming season as she awaits the new challenges and elements as a member of the Dance Fusion.

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