Eradicating the Rodent Problem

The city is plagued by a  rodent problem. Evidence of rat and rodent infestation can be found at locations in neighborhoods throughout the city.

It is the same in the city of Lynn and frankly, it is the same in every city where density is high and trash removal is a weekly mess from neighborhood to neighborhood.

In neighboring Lynn, the city government there is planning a $3 million war against rats and rodents by instituting a citywide barrel program requiring all trash to be put out in barrels with covers.

Rodents don’t exist if they have no garbage to eat. The leaders of Lynn now understand this and are trying to do something about it as Lynners are complaining the way Revere residents are complaining .

Trash day here produces huge mounds of edible garbage and trash strewn from home to home in large piles from street to street throughout the city. If that trash was put out entirely in containers,  rodents would be deprived of their sustenance, which comes from garbage bags they can get into in order to feed themselves.

Short of this, the way this city’s trash is put out is a week to week almost day to day bonanza for  rodents despite the fact Revere homeowowners are now using rodent-proof trash bags.

Part of the problem here is the recycling of cans – and many, many residents, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike are storing cans on the sides of their homes and rats get into the cans and on and on.

The results are obvious – there are  rodents in abundance throughout the city.

It isn’t only new construction that brings the rats and rodents out of their nests.

It is the day to day feasting on garbage strewn all over the city that gives them a reason to exist and to multiply.

City officials right now are looking to curb the  rodent problems afflicting Revere.

City officials would do well to look way beyond the passing of another trash ordinance as ordinances need to be strictly and absolutely enforced to have any meaning in this fight.

What the city needs to do is to call over to the Lynn City Council and find out about their anti-rat and rodent plan and see if something akin to it might make sense here.

Rodent problems are difficult to overcome in this city and in every city where city governments remain vigilant against them.

A real fight against them must be made here.

Now is the time.

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