Toddler Falls on Boulevard

A two-year-old is in stable condition this week after falling three stories from Revere Beach Boulevard apartment window and landing jaw-first on the sidewalk Sunday night.

Revere Police said that it was purely an accident and no criminal charges would be filed, but also said it was a great reminder for the general public to be careful with children near open windows during hot summer days – and also the importance of window guards on all windows above the first floor.

“This baby was very lucky,” said Sgt. Amy O’Hara. “He could have sustained much more serious injuries. It’s a good reminder for everyone to be careful with open windows and kids.”

Police were called to 42 Boulevard #8 Sunday night, and found an EMT on scene administering aid to the young child.

Officers determined that the child was visiting a family friend with his parents. He had been jumping on the couch in the apartment near an open, sliding window. At some point, he touched the screen and leaned into it.

That screen gave way and he plummeted to the ground, hitting the sidewalk with his face.

“The mother saw it happening, apparently, and ran over to catch him as he fell, but was just a split second too late,” said O’Hara.

An off-duty EMT was on the scene and witnessed the entire incident. That EMT jumped into action and administered assistance to the child immediately.

The child was rushed to Mass General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He did sustain some jaw and dental issues.

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