Victim’s Family Waiting for Justice

Members of Michael Costa’s family talked to the Journal this week and indicated that, many times, they have been lost in the shuffle as people debate the issues surrounding the alleged killer of their relative.

“We have waited patiently for something to happen and for this man to pay for what he did,” said Mary Ordonez, a first cousin and close friend of Costa’s. “Michael was left in a vegetable state after this beating. If you had seen him in the hospital, you would see what a vicious man this Vargas is. He doesn’t belong in society. We waited and waited and heard nothing until we saw it on the news and heard he was on the run. We wondered when anyone was going to tell us that.”

Most of all, Ordonez said that she and the rest of her family want to see justice done for their relative, and they’re not interested in accepting the idea of a mistake potentially letting his alleged killer free.

“I guess it’s a blessing he had too much to drink and ran his mouth off about being wanted for murder, which I understand is what got him caught,” she said. “Maura Hennigan needs to be held accountable for these things she has done. That office has been unsupervised for a while. I’m grateful the DA is on top of this. At least somebody is doing their job.”

Vargas – accused of stomping Costa into the cement sidewalk for unapparent reasons – was held without bail at an April 23rd arraignment. He is to return to court on the murder case this May 15th.

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