Woman Rescued from Beach in Critical Condition at MGH

A 65-year-old Thurlow Avenue woman who works as a School Crossing Guard is hanging on to life at the Mass General in Boston after nearly drowning off the Pines Beach on Monday morning.

Firefighters at Engine 5 got a call around 10:15 a.m. from a person who reported the woman was not responding and had been in the water and not moving for around 30 minutes.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and located the woman just off of 629 Boulevard. Using their inflatable boat, fire crews made it out to her and pulled her from the water.

CPR was initiated on the unresponsive woman.

Crews began to use the defibrillator on her, but the machine advised them not to shock her.

Shortly after, they were able to detect a weak pulse and she was transported to the Whidden Hospital in critical condition. She was transported to the MGH in Boston Monday night.

“A bystander noticed her in the water and she did not appear to be moving and she did not respond when he yelled out to her,” said Chief Gene Doherty. “This person called 911 and told us she had been in the water about 30 minutes, which may have assisted us in her revival since that could have lowered her ‘core’ body temperature which would ‘protect’ heart/blood flow.”

The woman had gone to the Beach with her husband yesterday morning and Chief Doherty said that the woman did have a prior medical history that might have contributed to the situation. Responding firefighters were Paul Cheever, Dennis Bowen and Larry Floyd.

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