‘A great place to stay’ – Glossy tourism brochure unveiled at Chamber of Commerce breakfast

1n061709By Seth Daniel
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The face of Revere tourism has gotten a lift.

Through a state grant from Mass Highway, the city and the Revere Travel and Tourism Council have produced a new tourism brochure highlighting the city’s proximity to Boston, its restaurants and hotels, and its crown jewel – Revere Beach.

Paul Rupp, an economic development consultant for the city, said Mayor Tom Ambrosino planned to unveil the new brochure at a meeting of the Revere Chamber of Commerce this Thursday morning, June 18.

It will be the second version of the city’s tourism brochure, the first one having appeared in 2001 in another joint effort between the city and Mass Highway.

“Things have changed. Particularly the hotels having been refurbished and the beach having been refurbished were two big factors,” said Rupp. “I think these things have to be updated periodically to keep up with changes…We’ve taken a little different approach in emphasizing a bit more the Boston proximity because we believe that’s of interest to travelers…Our hotel rooms are much more affordable, but from here you can go anywhere; plus we have this great beach with so many things going on.”

The brochure is printed on heavy, slick stock paper and in full color, featuring stock photos of the community and original photos by local photographers.

Members of the city’s Community Development office and the Travel and Tourism Council held several meetings over the past year to decide what would be included in the brochure, and it was no easy process.

“We have a very vibrant committee with very animated committee meetings,” said Rupp. “The creative process is never easy, but I think we came up with a fantastic product. It’s a great step up from the last one, and we have more stories to tell this time.”

The mayor will premiere the brochure at the Chamber’s quarterly business breakfast, on June 18 at 7:30 a.m. in Antonia’s on the Beach, in conjunction with the Travel Council.

The idea, Rupp said, is to get local businesses and restaurants interested in joining a restaurant guide that will accompany the brochure, to be exclusively placed in the city’s many hotel rooms.

“This is why the mayor is trying to pitch it to the Chamber,” said Rupp. “The cost to be in the guide is relatively minimal, and we have 800 hotel rooms in the city filled with people who need to eat.”

The new brochure will be placed in strategic areas throughout Boston, as well as at Revere City Hall and all of the city’s hotels.

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