The Senator’s Visit – Petruccelli appears before the City Council

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli’s visit to Revere Monday evening before the City Council detailed the state’s effort to raise the gasoline tax in order to mitigate severe roadway and tunnel tolls.

Petruccelli is a persuasive and well-informed speaker, and as a senator, Revere can rely upon him to do the right thing on Beacon Hill.

As much as many of us are repulsed by the idea of an additional tax placed on gasoline, it appears there is no other way out of the financial mess in which the state finds itself.

Petruccelli’s outline of the gasoline tax plan was clear and concise. He is focused. He is close with the leadership. We may not agree with the gasoline tax, but we find Petruccelli’s logic hard to disagree with.

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