Bridge closing collosal hassle

The closure of the General Edwards Bridge last weekend turned out to be a disaster for Revere people heading north and for North Shore people heading south.

It does not appear that any thought whatsoever was given to the implications of the bridge closure by Revere or Lynn oficials, with no police posted to take care the traffic jams which took place on Broadway from the Chelsea line all the way to Salem.

The only police to be found were state police paid details sitting in their cars behind barriers on both sides of the closed bridge – which makes absolutely no sense as the barriers prevented passage over the bridge.

In West Lynn, an added 200,000 automobiles passed through that part of Lynn without a police officer directing traffic to be seen. With another bridge closing scheduled for next week, local residents are hoping public officials in Lynn and Revere might make preparations for the traffic jams whgich are going to ensue.

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