Show some courage…

Many may not have heard about a bill being proposed on Beacon Hill.
The bill itself is a good idea, the practice it seeks to eliminate is just about the worst thing we’ve ever heard of, and yet another example of how the Internet can be a vehicle for those in our society without much of a conscience.
A state rep from Brockton is seeking to outlaw “Internet Hunting.”
This cowardly practice consists of a video camera at some far-off location – probably on another continent – aimed at a group of fenced-in and confined wild animals. After paying a fee over the Internet, the Internet hunter can view the confined animals on the computer and click on the one he or she wants to “hunt.”
Once chosen, a person at the ranch aims a gun at the animal and shoots it dead on camera right before the eyes of the viewer. The viewer watches the wild animal die in the comforts of his or her home, and then the “ranch” sends the taxidermied head of the dead animal to the “hunter” through the mail.
Is this unbelievable or what?
Nevertheless, it’s legal in Massachusetts right now, though it has been outlawed in 25 other states already.

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