Signs of an Election

Political signs have begun to pop up everywhere this week and the large Dan Rizzo signs seem to be dominating the landscape so far.
From the Boulevard to North Shore Road and over to Malden Street (where Ann Raponi has quite a large sign showing support at her house) and throughout Ward 4, Rizzo seems to be winning the sign game.
Petruccelli’s signs are showing up just in certain spots, but we’re assured that they will begin to choose their sign spots in Revere quite soon.
One big question is whether this election – at least signwise – is going to be allowed to mar the cityscape like the Della Russo/Hennigan battle did last summer. In that election for that somewhat mundane office, it wasn’t rare to see signs that were larger than a pickup truck hanging on people’s homes and mounted within their front yards. It got to be too much.
Election Commissioner Diane Colella said that they haven’t received any complaints so far about political signs, and that the Commission would only act if they got complaints – that is, legitimate complaints and not politically-motivated complaints.

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