Revere Students Perform Across the City

By Melissa Moore-Randall

It has been a busy time of year for Revere Public School’s Music Programs.  May 1st kicked off the second annual concert for the city-wide elementary choir, Revere Youth Singers led by six elementary school music teachers, Ben Glaser, Robert Delmonte, Siobhan Keplin, Lance MacDonald, Chris DiBenedetto and Tim O’Brien. The concert was hosted at the Hill Elementary School this year.

On May 2nd, the Susan B. Anthony Middle School Rock Band performed one of the best shows seen, under the direction of music teacher Ed Schutte. On Friday, May 3rd and Saturday May 4th the Revere High School’s new Pop Ensemble lead by Eric Bolton and longstanding Rock Ensemble lead by music teacher Alec Waugh performed to large crowds. This year the Rock Ensemble featured the songs of the rock band RUSH. Garfield Middle School followed suit and performed their second concert of the year, where record numbers of families attended. Garfield Middle School held their concert at Revere High beginning their show with the NEW Garfield Choir performing five well selected songs by their music teacher and choir director Evann Carter. Followed by this new 50 student choir was the incredible performances of music teacher Eric Bolton’s 7th and 8th Grade Rock Ensembles, totaling 120 student musicians!

Kelly Williams continues to boast about the Fine Arts Program in Revere Public Schools. To say I am proud of the growth our music programs have made in two short years since I became Fine Arts director would be an understatement. We are fortunate to have amazing teachers willing to go above and beyond to bring the students of Revere positive music opportunities. Music education provides students with so many benefits stemming from increases in creativity and brain development to building confidence but most importantly it provides purpose and brings joy to so many of our students. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the students shine with confidence on stage at these events that also bring our community together. Shout out to all the Revere Public School teachers in the Fine and Performing Arts Department, thank you for all your hard work.”

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