A.C. Whelan Students Celebrated for Writing Achievement

By Melissa Moore-Randall

The A.C. Whelan School celebrated some of their best and most hard working writers during a special luncheon. Mayor Keefe presented certificates of achievement to two students in each homeroom in grades 3-5 who were selected by their teachers.The celebratory lunch was also an opportunity for students to chat with Revere School Committee members Anthony Caggiano and John Kingston. 

Principal Rachel Shanley was so happy to celebrate the success of so many students. “These students demonstrated exceptional effort in writing over the past several months. We are excited to honor and celebrate their tremendously hard work!”

The students recognized and celebrated included third graders Dahlia Gomes,Jayden Flores Andrej Basta, Valentina Loncarevic, Lynton Berke, Antonia Chianca, Alessandra Gioacchini, Idriss Somai, Luis Enrique, Zander Yusra Nail, Abigail Herrera-Gomez, Gabriel Menor; fourth graders Ranya El Andalosy, Priscila Castro Liranzo, Nidal Oulalite, Maura Letizia, Nora Evers, Linh Hoang Nguyen, Eymi Chirinos Chirinos, Mina Nail, Albert Giorgio, Danny Ayala Chacon, Joud Oualich, Emanuel Morales, Maria-Luiza Roberto; fifth graders Penelope Rojas, Rocco Spiriti,Riham Mahfudh,Laura Almeida Jorge, D’Natalie Feliciano,Emmanuel Arango Gomez,Kaitlyn Flores Alfaro, Nouah Ettour, Arianna O’Leary,Teresa Magrath,Zara Selman, Delmarie Hernandez Mora, and Vincent Nguyen.

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