Council Looks for Return of Christmas Parade

By Adam Swift

After a hiatus of several years, a Christmas parade could be returning to Revere this holiday season.

At last week’s city council meeting, Ward 5 Councillor Angela Guarino-Sawaya and Ward 6 Councilor Chris Giannino introduced a motion requesting the mayor reinstitute the Christmas Parade throughout the city.

Guarino-Sawaya said she has spoken to Mayor Patrick Keefe, and that the mayor and several local businesses have already expressed support for the parade.

“I’m excited to bring this to the city and all the kids and residents,” said Guarino-Sawaya.

Ward 5 Councillor Joanne McKenna suggested that the parade be connected to the Priscilla Nickerson Memorial Santa Walk in the city. Guarino Sawaya replied that the mayor had made the same suggestion.

In other business, Guarino-Sawaya requested increased police patrols on Thorndike and Hastings streets. She said that drivers use those streets as a shortcut and speed through the residential neighborhood.

McKenna presented a motion requesting that communications companies remove their lines completely when cutting lines rather than wrapping the excess lines around the telephone poles. She said the practice of poor and inferior workmanship has created eyesores throughout the city.

“It’s wire after wire, pole after pole,” said McKenna. “What happens is the ward councillor or the councillor-at-large sees a pole and they have to call Comcast and Comcast comes out. But they won’t remove the wire, and they leave it there and then it could be there for years.”

Councillor-at-Large Robert Haas, III said he agreed with McKenna’s motion and that he has seen numerous wires dangling from poles.

“There are instances of this all over the city where these wires dangle  and some of them fall to the ground, some of them are wrapped around other wires, other poles,” he said. “At some point this becomes a safety issue, you don’t know what the wires are.”

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