HRC Hears of Plans for Black History Event at RHS on Feb. 28

The Revere Human Rights Commission (HRC) held its regular monthly meeting last Thursday evening (February 1) in the City Council Chamber. Chairperson Chaimaa (Shay) Hossaini and fellow members Kourou Pich, Molly McGee, Fire Chief Chris Bright, and Dr. Lourenco Garcia, the Assistant Superintendent of Equity and Inclusion and Chair of the Equity Advisory Board of the Revere Public Schools, were on hand for the meeting. 

After the commission held the usual Land Acknowledgement in which the commission recognized the Pawtucket Tribe as the original overseers of the land, Hossaini recapped what the commission did in the month of January, including the members’ participation in a video spearheaded by Garcia for the Revere schools.that was made for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Garcia informed his fellow commissioners of the events that are being held to celebrate Black History Month, which is being observed throughout February, including a main event on February 28 from 5-8 in the evening at Revere High School that will feature a special video.

“This is going to be a wonderful event,” said Garcia, a theme echoed by Pich, who thanked the city and the mayor for providing the funding for the event. Hossaini also thanked Mayor Patrick Keefe for the recent meeting he held with the commissioners in which he expressed his support for the HRC’s work in the community.

“What a momentous event to be a human rights commissioner and to be meeting with a city mayor who is standing on the right side of history and of progress and for the dream we have for Revere,”  added McGee. “I’m excited for this mayor and the work we will do with him.”

Looking ahead to March, Hossaini noted that it is International Women’s Month (International Women’s Day is March 8) and asked what the commission should focus upon in anticipation of the month. McGee suggested that the commission could recognize local female business leaders and business owners and the commission discussed holding a possible breakfast event to do so.

The commission heard briefly from former city councillor Steven Morabito, who is the city’s new Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).  “I’m looking forward to collaborating with each of you,” said Morabito. “The work you do is very meaningful for our city.” Morabito in turn was welcomed by members of the HRC.

“I look forward to working with you and collaborating with you,” said Garcia, with Hossaini adding, “We’re excited to be working with you.”

The meeting concluded with the members reciting the HRC’s Mission Statement: 

“The Mission of the Revere Human Rights Commission is to promote human and civil rights and empower all people of Revere by ensuring that everyone, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, have equitable opportunities, equal access, and are treated with dignity, respect, fairness, and justice.”

The members also recited the HRC’s Vision statement:

“A thriving Revere where all community members live free of racism, poverty, violence, and other systems of oppression, and where everyone has equitable access, opportunities, and resources, as well as a sense of belonging.”

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