On the Campaign Trail: John Kingston Announces Re-Election Bid for School Committee Seat

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John Kingston has announced that he will be seeking re-election as a member of the Revere School Committee.  The following is his statement:

“My name is John Kingston.  I am a candidate for re-election for the Revere School Committee.

There is no greater responsibility than taking care of the children of the community.  They are our future and our most important resource.

School Committee member John Kingston.

I am a life long resident of Revere and a very proud graduate of Revere Public Schools.  Both of my children also graduated from Revere Public Schools.  My daughter, Jennifer Kingston, is a teacher at the Whelan School.  My son, Jeff Kingston, is a Revere police officer.  I am very happy both my kids have decided to work in the community in which they grew up.   I think it says a lot about them as people.

My Father, George Kingston, was a Revere elementary principal for over 30 years.   Back in the day, my Dad would take my older brother and I to the Barrows School and we would help deliver text books and other supplies to the classrooms during the summer.  This was my start with volunteering at the schools.

About 24 years ago, I became a PTA/PTO dad.  I helped out at various PTA/PTO events and became a fixture at the Lincoln School.  School store, helping out with get-togethers and Field Day were some of the things I did.  I was always eager to help out at Field trips which I enjoyed sharing with my kids and their friends. I moved on with them doing PTO at their other schools including high school.    Years later I have been a chaperone on field trips with my daughter with her being the teacher!  She knows a have the field trip experience and know what to do!

I stayed on volunteering at the Lincoln even after my kids left the school.   I also volunteered for School Improvement Committees since the State began requiring them many years ago.

About 19 years ago, I began working/volunteering at high school, basketball and hockey games doing the scoreboard.  I also worked/volunteered at high school football games.  It was a lot of fun but I was required to give it up when I became a School Committee member.

My partner, Heather Roberts has been a teacher of over 20 years at the Lincoln and Beachmont Schools.

Heather is very involved in the Beachmont School community and I am often with her at Beachmont events doing door duty or whatever is needed on a particular day.  Trunk a Treat at Beachmont was a fun event as well as sponsoring the Inventor’s Club t shirts for their showcase.

My brother, Chris Kingston, has taught at many Revere schools and is currently at Revere High School.

Having worked at the Revere Municipal Credit Union and now St Jean’s Credit Union, I have had the unique opportunity to do business and work with all levels of school staff from café to custodians to teachers, para professionals and administrators.  This working knowledge of the schools has given me a great insight into the schools.  Having a working relationship with staff is so helpful in my role on the School Committee.  I am not a stranger to staff and many times know the challenges they face each day from either talking to them or hearing it at the dinner table.

I continue to help out at the schools as I enjoy giving back to the community which I think is very important.  I have enjoyed doing Field Day grilling and helping out at school events.  I  do my best to answer the call for all fundraising at the schools and try to do my best to give back to the community.

My email is [email protected].   My phone number is 617.733.5422.  I am always happy to listen and try to help.  Many times knowing the right person can be very helpful. I have been fortunate to meet many school staff in my 23 years of employment at the credit union and being around the schools. 

Please consider me for one of your six votes on November 7, 2023   

Thank you.”

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