Carpenters’ Union Endorses Biasella for School Committee

Special to the Journal

Vanessa Biasella is proud to announce that her campaign for School Committee has been endorsed by Carpenters Local 328.  “It is an honor to have them publicly recognize my integrity.  I am a union member as a teacher with Lynn Teachers Union Local 1037.  My father, and his father before him were union.  My husband Mike is in his 30th year with the Carpenters and he is a third generation Union member.”

“As the wife of one of our long time 29 year members and a union member herself, we trust that our interests as well as the interests of all working families will be well represented with honesty and integrity.  Therefore, we proudly endorse Vanessa Biasella for Revere School Committee.” Justin Anshewitz, BA Carpenters Local 328.

Our campaign is one for all the right reasons and with all the right elements.  Vanessa was born and raised in Revere and is a product of Revere Public Schools.  She is highly educated and holds many licenses and certifications in the field of Education. She is a mother of recent graduates of Revere High School and has children currently in the elementary and middle school level.  She is presently a teacher for grades 9 through 12 at a public high school in Lynn.  Vanessa has always been involved in the city; whether that be through advocating for pathways at the secondary level such as Dual Enrollment (2014), or cleaning the beach, parks, or trail. Vanessa volunteered with the city during COVID with their food outreach programs.  She has coached softball and baseball with what was Revere Girls Softball and the now Revere Youth Baseball and Softball –  just to name a few of her many volunteering endeavors.  She currently volunteers with the PTA as well. 

Vanessa is in this for all the right reasons.  What does that actually mean?  She has zero interest or ambitions in politics and seeks no seat further than the School Committee.  As such, she is absolutely invested in our school’s students, families, and staff.  She can bring a voice to the school committee that is unique in its relativity.  She works in a K-12 classroom every day and can speak to day to day occurrences within the school environment with accuracy.  We need a valid, real-time experienced voice to help guide decisions that affect our students and school staff directly. Vanessa has that insight separate from the other candidates.  As a teacher and mother, Vanessa is our voice.  Vote Vanessa Biasella to Revere School Committee on November 7th.  For more information about Vanessa, her credentials, views, and experience, please visit  You may email the committee at [email protected].  You can also find them on social media by visiting FaceBook @CommitteetoElectVanessaBiasella.   

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