Letter to the Editor

Health Clinic at Wonderland

Dear Editor,

My name is Brian Averback and I am running for Ward One City Council. Over the last few years we have all been witness to the uncertainty surrounding the Wonderland site. First it was going to be a high school. Now potentially more apartments the city does not need. Well,  the city council that you elect will decide what it becomes.

After speaking and meeting with the people in my ward, the overwhelming majority of support would be for that land to become a 24 hour, state of the art, hospital with an emergency room. The senior population in our community would best be served to have World Class care from the best possible doctors nearby. Our current closest option for 24 hour care is CHA Everett Hospital

This is the right move for not just Revere but all of the communities that neighbor us. As our city is growing, having the right healthcare facility to treat everyone should be paramount. If you live in Ward One, this is something that should be demanded to be supported by your candidate to bring to our city. Great healthcare should not be a privilege, it should be our right.

Thank you,

Brian Averback

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