Electricians Union Backs Kelley For At-Large Seat on Revere City Council

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One of the region’s largest telecommunications and technology workers unions has announced its support of Michelle Kelley’s candidacy in the Sept. 19 preliminary election for an at-large seat on the Revere City Council, saying Kelley has a chance to invigorate the city with her “neighborhood” watch approach and message of accountability and responsiveness.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2222 formally endorsed Kelley’s first-time campaign, calling the lifelong resident, attorney and realtor the type of energetic, change-focused candidate who will provide Revere residents the voice they deserve in their city government. 

“Michelle isn’t the type to back down from a fight or from standing up to powerful interests,” said Myles Calvey, Business Manager and Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 2222.  “Her whole life has been about hard work, she’s a dedicated daughter of Revere, and there’s an honesty and integrity about her that appeals to people who know what it means to take on big challenges. We are proud to endorse her bid for an at-large seat on the Revere City Council.”

Kelley, who was raised in a union family in Revere and worked her way through school, said she was honored to receive the support of the telecommunications union. 

“It means a lot to me that the men and women who built our city and keep it humming want me to have their backs on the City Council,” said Kelley. “They don’t want a councilor who’s going to cave to what outside developers want to pad their bottom lines, they want someone who’s going to fight for what’s fair and be a watchdog at City Hall. That’s what motivated me to run and that’s what I’ll do when I’m in office.”

“The primary is quickly approaching and people know that I’m an underdog, but they like the fact that someone is willing to be their voice, because this city belongs to its people,” she added. 

Kelley, who has been endorsed by a number of labor unions despite being a first-time candidate, said she will continue to accept support from working people and the groups they have chosen to join in order to stand up against powerful outside interests. 

Criticizing sweetheart deals for developers that routinely bend the municipal zoning code authored by Revere residents, Kelley has proposed an enlarged abutter notification zone for development projects. Once in office, she will seek to enact a code of ethics for the Revere City Council, similar to those adopted by other governing bodies and professional organizations. She has also advocated for an increased emphasis on vocational education at the new Revere High School.

And she will ensure that Revere’s seniors receive more respectful treatment from their government, including common courtesy from city officials and at public meetings. 

Kelley has vowed to bring a “neighborhood watch” approach to city governance. 

“People want accountability in how their tax dollars are spent, they want transparency, and they want responsiveness,” Kelley said. “That’s my agenda, because it’s the people’s agenda.”

The first person in her family to graduate college, Kelley attended Revere Public Schools and worked her way through both college and law school, receiving degrees from Salem State University and New England School of Law.  She is admitted to practice in Massachusetts state and federal courts.

Kelley lives in West Revere with her husband, David.   For more information or to get involved with Kelley’s campaign for Councillor At Large, please visit :  KelleyForRevere.com; on FaceBook @ MichelleKelleyForRevereCityCouncillorAtLarge;  Email:  [email protected]; or call: 781-854-1717.

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