Revere Ballplayers Compete at Historic Fenway Park for a Chance To Go to the 2023 World Series

Earlier this summer, Revere hosted a Pitch Hit and Run competition for boys and girls (softball and baseball) ages 7-14. Coach Shawn Vetere and volunteers organized this event. Coach Vetere and Asst. Coach Ariana Malcolm accompanied their players to Fenway Park and volunteered during the competition.

This year, weather and playoffs in other divisions kept the numbers low for the competition, but certainly didn’t deter the level of play. Coming out on top and selected to compete at Fenway Park for a chance       
  to win it all at the World Series was, Kevin Guilherme Jr.-representing baseball, and representing softball was Addison Ulwick.

In 2022 a young man named Jacob Budarz from Manchester Connecticut, competed at the Revere Pitch Hit and Run, his score allowed him to move on to the Fenway semi-finals. This 13-year-old ballplayer stands close to six-feet and went to the World Series Finals. On a National Platform in front of the entire nation, won the championship, putting the Revere event on the map for players of high caliber to attend. The Pitch Hit and Run competition consists of three categories as stated, the run is best time of two attempts at 90 feet. The Hit, after two practice swings, the total score of five balls hit for distance, from a tee, and the Pitch, for baseball is a scoring of five pitches at 45 feet at a target, for softball five pitches at 35 feet at the same target. Both categories get two practice throws for distance.

Both Revere athletes competed at a very high level and made the City of Revere proud and carried the tradition of playing ball with pride. While not making it to the next round, a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete at Fenway Park with your family cheering you on from the stands, will stay forever in their hearts. Congratulations to Kevin Guilherme Jr. (aka KJ) and Addison Ulwick, for their dedication to their sport and to their teammates throughout their season.

Thanks to the Red Sox Organization for their sponsorship and tickets to all the competitors for Saturday’s regular scheduled game at Fenway. A special thank you goes out to Coach Shawn Vetere and all the coaches and volunteers, for their dedication to the players and the Cal Ripken League. Vetere is looking forward to the Pitch Hit and Run competition in 2024, hoping for more players to compete and enjoy the game he loves so much.

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