Every child deserves great schools in Revere

By Steve Morabito

Every child in Revere deserves access to a high-quality K-12 education. I am a proud product of Revere Public Schools and have seen firsthand what is working in our schools and what is not.

As Mayor, I will work closely with parents, teachers, and students to boldly advocate for a thriving public-school system and direct more dollars to teachers, and into our classrooms. 

I will foster partnerships with local non-profits and community-based organizations to expand after school and enrichment programs and youth sports.

In my capacity as Mayor and Chair of the School Committee, I will work toward the creation of universal pre-K in Revere, invest in a new high school, and ensure that our eleven public schools get the resources they deserve.

Furthermore, we must ensure that Revere is adequately funding programming for English Learners and students with special needs.  

So much of the success of our schools depends on recruiting and retaining great teachers and school leaders. That means empowering, listening to, and respecting our educators.

Revere children and families deserve the best from our schools.  As Mayor, I will always prioritize investments in public education so every child can thrive.Steven Morabito is a City Councilor-at-Large in Revere as well as a candidate for Mayor in the upcoming election.

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