Revere High School Unified Sports TeamCompletes Track and Field Season

By Melissa Moore-Randall

The Revere High Unified Sports Team finished their spring track season recently. Their second and only home meet was against Everett. Their 3rd and final meet of the year was held at Salem. During that meet Salem High honored their seniors, as well as Revere seniors Julia Quiles and Imane Areslan.

Tracksters Imane Areslan and Stephen Wickens discussed their experience on this year’s track season. Imane Areslan enjoyed his season especially the shot put which he excelled at. He enjoyed a lot of team spirit and encouragement throughout the season. He said he will remember the ability to bring people up and make them perform well. Stephen Wickens competed in the javelin, shotput and running events. He enjoyed an awesome season and was proud of his team. Wickens looks forward to next year’s track and basketball seasons.

The team is coached by Thomas Mackey who is one of the Life Skills teachers at Revere High School, head coach of the Unified Basketball team, and assistant coach for Unified Track and Field. Kristen Murphy-Cormier is the Revere High School’s liaison to the Special Olympics.  As a marathon runner, she is also the head Unified Track and Field coach.

The program is partially funded by the Special Olympics of Massachusetts. They currently participate in Spring Track and Field and Fall Basketball, a one day Bocce tournament and hope to add an additional winter sport next year.

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