Arrigo Committee Backs Keefe

Special to the Journal

Over 75 campaign staff and supporters of Mayor Brian Arrigo have pledged their support to Ward 4 councilor Patrick Keefe in his bid for the Mayoral election in 2023. The group gathered Sunday to confirm their backing for the Council president, citing Keefe’s experience in government and private business, his commitment to Revere and many of its organizations, and his vision for continuing the city on a path of opportunity and prosperity for its growing population Arrigo announced earlier this month that he would not seek re-election in November.  The announcement touched off a scramble among Keefe and at least three of his colleagues on the City Council in a race that continues to expand. The Arrigo campaign supporters unanimously swung their support to Keefe, acknowledging that during Keefe’s time on the Council during the Arrigo administration, the popular Ward 4 councilor was a prudent and steady voice on issues that affected the entire city.  His deep involvement in citywide events, organizations, and issues reflected an engagement that stretched beyond the boundaries of his ward. A spokesperson for the Arrigo supporters said:  “Mayor Arrigo came into office nearly eight years ago and guided Revere’s government into a modernized, professional resource for every member of our community.  His leadership stimulated economic growth and raised the city’s reputation as a home for businesses and families to flourish. “The next Mayor will take stewardship of a modern municipal government that did not exist eight years ago, a government vital to maintain the City’s well-being as we enter a new era of growth and improvement.  As a City Councilor, Patrick Keefe has endorsed many of the Arrigo Administration ideals and objectives in an even-handed and thoughtful manner.  We believe that he best embodies the qualities and character necessary for Revere to continue in its positive direction.  We wholeheartedly support Patrick Keefe as the next Mayor of the City of Revere.

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