Clash of Powers: Mayor Arrigo Outraged by RHS City Council Vote

Special to the Journal

Mayor Brian Arrigo, outraged by the outcome of the City Council vote has issued the following statement.

“The City of Revere witnessed a grave failure in the City Council Chambers on Monday night, when six elected leaders of our city – including a former teacher and a former mayor – voted no against moving forward the schematic design of the proposed new Revere High School. This week they proved that the City Council neither values education nor prioritizes the future of our city. I expect residents both with and without children in our public school system to be outraged by this decision.

While the wounds are still relatively fresh, I am sad that many high school parents and grandparents – including some in leadership positions in our city – will continue to choose to send their children and grandchildren out of district because our high school doesn’t meet their standards. Yet when it comes to doing the work to make a new high school a reality for future generations – they are too timid and distracted by hypothetical uncertainties and political implications.

I am sad that we failed the 7,168 children under the age of ten currently living in our city who do not have a voice and will not have the opportunity to grow up looking forward to attending a new state of the art high school. Because of the City Council’s vote on Monday, our high school will become unaccredited and an entire generation of our students have been pushed aside. Going forward, we all need to demand more from our city leaders.”

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