Letter to the Editor

The Ultimate Solution

Dear Editor,

The thought of WWIII and the nuclear devestation that would ensue makes one ponder eternal issues. We’ve been plagued with many ills, the greatest resides in the human heart.  No amount of education, environmental improvements or economic status can change the sinful heart. Without God standards, there is no moral compass to go by, no absolute truth. It becomes just personal opinion and we know how that goes with different people!

Without Godly wisdom and absolute truth, we contrive ideologies that create chaos and confusion in gender identity, natural laws and science.. 

God gave us The Ten Commandmanets to be safety guardrails for healthy living. Our rebellion towards God has inflicted so much pain and suffering upon ourselves!

Most religions have a moral code of behavior. But only Christianity is a relationship with God’s Son, Jesus Christ. This Faith in the person of Christ empowers the believer by changing hearts from the inside out. Anyone can behave well for a time,  but unless they are changed in the heart, their outward behavior will eventually fall apart. 

Are we not weary of all the evils in our world? The Bible tells us that Satan came to steal, deceive, and destroy. Christ came to give us a purposeful meaningful peaceful life through a heart change.

Without God’s moral compass, one can reason themselves right into hell!  The Ultimate Solution for our Nation and the World at large is Jesus Christ the Son of God!

Lucia Hunter

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