Powers, Clark Will Run for Ward 5 Seat in Special Election

Former Ward 5 Councillor John Powers and past Ward 5 candidate Ron Clark have both indicated that they will be candidates for the seat in the upcoming special election.

Ward 5 Councillor Al Fiore resigned from the position last week.

Revere Election Commissioner Paul Fahey spoke at Monday’s City Council meeting, laying out the groundwork and tentative timetable for the special election that will likely take place in July. Fahey said there will no preliminary election (regardless of the number of candidates who run for the seat) and the winner of the special election will be the new Ward 5 city councillor upon receiving the oath of office from City Clerk Ashley Melnik.

“I will be running for the seat,” said Powers, who previously served as Ward 5 councillor for 21 years. “I know Ward 5 from A to Z. I feel I accomplished a lot during my time in office.”

Clark, who conducted a strong campaign for the seat in the last municipal election, confirmed his intention to run. “I will be a candidate,” said Clark. “I have been on the phone with residents and the support is there. I will be pulling nomination papers as soon they are available.”

Other Ward 5 residents reportedly considering a run for the seat are Revere School Committee member Aisha Milbury Ellis and city employee Randall Mondestin.

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