Excelsior! Tye Begins Seventh Decade Serving School Committee

Carol Tye began her work in the Revere school system as a substitute teacher in the spring of 1960.

“I was hired the following year and began teaching at Revere High School,” related Tye. “I taught English and geography then. The next several years I taught English and Latin, and then strictly English from then on.”

Tye became assistant superintendent of the Revere schools and was appointed superintendent of schools for the 1994-1995 academic year.

Monday night at the city’s inauguration ceremony, Carol Tye took her oath of office as a member of the Revere School Committee. Interestingly, Tye was the first newly elected official to arrive for the ceremony, entering the Council Chambers more than a half hour in advance of the 7 p.m. ceremony.

“It is a very exciting time for the School Committee because it’s a new beginning, and we have a lovely combination of experienced and new members,” said Tye. “That’s always a good combination, because when there are new people in there, they make you think about maybe some preconceived ideas that you have, and you can always teach them some lessons as to why we do what we do – it’s a result of hard work and experience. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have input. We should have a lot of input from other people. I look forward to that.”

Following her retirement from the Revere school district in June, 2001, Tye took out her nomination papers in July for the School Committee. She has been elected to 11 consecutive terms, topping the ticket on numerous occasions.

Tye has fond memories of her teaching days, often running into her former students on her travels in the city. One of those students, Aisha Milbury Ellis, was inaugurated as a member of the School Committee Monday night.

“Aisha Milbury Ellis was one of my most brilliant students,” said Tye. “She was in my sophomore honors English class. She was a wonderful girl, a real star.”

Looking at the new City Council, Tye said she taught Ward 3 Councillor Anthony Cogliandro’s mother, Doreen, when Doreen was a student at Revere High. “I also taught with Doreen at the high school,” said Tye.

Teacher, administrator, School Committee member. Carol Tye is continuing to help Revere schoolchildren reach their full potential and pursue their goals.

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