Six Revere Firefighters Graduate from Mass. Firefighting Academy

Six Revere firefighters graduated from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy Dec. 17 at the campus in Stow.

The diverse group includes two female firefighters, Tyler Angelo and Jacqueline Snyder. Jacqueline is the sister of current firefighter George Levasseur.

The other graduates are Hernando Ortega-Bueno, Dylan Stuart, Jordan Bohannon, and Jarel Pemberton.

Dylan Stuart is the son of retired firefighter Michael Stuart and the brother of current firefighter Tyler Stuart.

For Hernando Ortega-Bueno, it has been a time of much happiness as his wife gave birth to a baby boy during his final week of classes at the Academy.

All six firefighters have served in the various branches of the U.S. military.

The graduates completed the 50-day Career Recruit Firefighting Training Program.

“First responders are on the frontlines protecting their communities, and these newest firefighters are needed now more than ever,” said State Fire Marshal Michael Ostroskey. “The rigorous professional training they’ve received provides them with the physical, mental, and technical skills to perform their jobs effectively and safely.”

Revere Fire Chief Christopher Bright congratulated the newest members of the Department and wished them success in their careers in the firefighting profession.

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